Let us help you with your shopping. We can take you to the shop or go and get the shopping for you.

Do you find it difficult to get out the house and go shopping? Well, here at Domestic Services we offer the services you really need and that includes shopping.

Our professional and friendly staff can take you to the shops. We will pick you up at your house, take you to your chosen shop and assist you as you buy your supplies. If that doesn’t suit you, we can pick up your list and go and get the shopping for you. What’s more we will also help you put it away at the other end.

Not only will we help you get out the house, but will provide you with a bit of company as well. See also our Befriending Services.


Catherine on 07488 298738 or Irene on 07787 838951 Email: domesticsolutionsirene@gmail.com